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Have you ever been stuck while creating a lesson plan? Maybe you were pressed for time after you spent the entire weekend grading papers, and now you are laying in bed trying to come up with a great idea on how to present the Gospel of John...tomorrow! Or perhaps you loved your lessons at the beginning of the year, but now you've realized that most students are no longer engaged. I've been there. I've desperately tried to google for ideas and found nothing, unlike my Social Studies classes where I found treasure troves of inspiration.

If you're like me you strongly desire your Bible classes to be the most engaging, inspiring time of your student's day. I wanted my students to think deeply about God's truth, the only truth. Yet, life always had a way of complicating things. Bible Teachers Unite is a site that strives to provide you resources, lessons, ideas, inspiration, and encouragement as you strive to instill a love of Scripture in your students. The opportunity to teach students to love Scripture and know Christ more through the Bible is an honor that doesn't come easy. Though this is a new site, my hope is that it will grow quickly, and provide you practical ideas that you can use and tweak to fit your students needs.

If you have an idea or lesson that worked well in your Bible classes, please share them with us at bibleteachersunite@gmail.com. Your lessons may be featured on future posts.

God bless!

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